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Once upon a time in the Baka dynasty of ancient China there reigned an emperor named Dallit. There was one thing that Emperor Dallit loved above all else, and that was tasty beverages. He was a conniseur of fine hot and cold beverages. He employed a vast array of chefs, imbibologists, and alchemists to prepare and invent drinks for himself and his guests.

One day, he was struck by an idea. It would be his masterpiece. He would commission a delicious and forbidden drink. He called together his drink specialists and told them his plan.

"I want this to be the most wonderous beverage ever. I also want it to be the most closely-guarded secret in the kingdom. Only myself and my most loyal and upright subjects will even be permitted see it let alone taste its wonder!"

The experts immediately went to work. They began experimenting with recipes and exotic ingredients. It was decided early on that the finest plants in the kingdom would be dried and then boiled in water to make the base of this beverage. The imbibologists set about gathering together, blending, and drying the blants. The chefs figured out the best fresh sweeteners and additives.

Now the emperor did believe in magic, so the alchemists weren't left out. They were tasked with the hardest part. The potion was to be invisible to those who weren't loyal to the emperor or pure of heart enough. However, they had to do this without affecting the flavor.

The emperor's anticipation and excitement grew each day as his servants tirelessly worked on this brew. In order to maintain secrecy, no one person except the emperor himself was permitted to know the whole recipe.

Finally, after months of intense labor, the first batch was completed! A servant fetched the emperor to tell him that his beverage was complete. He was led to the royal kitchen, tingling with excitement, to have the first taste.

However, to their shock, when they reached the kitchen, the potion was gone! The head chef was flabbergasted. "It was just here steeping on this counter moments ago..." he stuttered.

The normally level-headed emperor flew into a rage. He stomped around the kitchen flailing and calling for executions. All this work for naught! This was to be his masterpiece, and now it was in the hands of some thief.

Suddenly, in the middle of his flailing, the emperor's hand bumped something. There was a great CRASH!

The emperor spun quickly to find out what had happened. He saw a broken kettle at his feet, and he felt liquid soaking into his slippers, but he did not see what had spilled.

The shocked chef stammered. "Your drink, Your Majesty. Somehow you knocked it down."

"How can this be?" Demanded the emperor. "I did not see this kettle, and even now while this beverage saturates into my slippers, I see nothing."

"Well, your Majesty," responded the chief alchemist, "What do you expect from a potion of invisibilitea?"


I'm sorry. Ok. I'm done with the tea puns for real this time!

Yup, that solhud defo do the trick!

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