About Us

Regdar and the Fighters is a glitch punk band out of Nashville, TN. Since 2007, we have been making weird, energetic music for nerds and music lovers.

The core lineup is Steve "Fighter #1" Smith on bass/guitar and vocals. And Regdar "Why Did We Give the Computer Free Will?" on drums and synthesizers. Other musicians are frequently featured in recordings and live performances.

If you want to keep up with all the band's goings on, the best way to do so is by following the official Patreon. Subscribing at one of the monthly rates is optional (tho obviously appreciated); most new music is posted there first for all to hear.

We're on all the major streaming platforms. If you're looking for that, you know how to find it

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R/F 2020 - CD/Cassette/Digital Download
RF/2020 Cover

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The Ballad of Constance and Johnny

The Ballad of Constance and Johnny - CD/Cassette/Download
Ballod of Constance and Johnny cover

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DDR T-shirt

Regdar and the Fighters – DDR T-Shirt
DDR logo t-shirt
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DDR Hoodie

Regdar and the Fighters – DDR Hoodie
DDR logo hoodie
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Regdar and the Fighters – Mask
Weapons logo mask

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10 Years of Zero Integrity

Raptor Vomit - 10 Years of Zero Integrity - Cassette/Download
10 Years of zero integrity cover

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