Resolutions vs. Self-acceptance

Dec 29 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Waxing Sophistic

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Oh shoot! It's just about new years! Time to make resolutions!

So I was thinking about the interesection between New Years Resolutions and the idea of self-acceptance - body positivity and other such concepts. On one hand, resolutions are kind of antithetical to the entire idea of accepting and loving yourself unconditionally. The standard "for reals, this year, I'll keep going to the gym past February!" thing doesn't mesh with "I'm great the way I am".

And to some extend radical self-acceptance is right. You're made in the image of God; you're beautiful and loved unconditionally.

That being said, we live in an entropic sausage. Past a certain age, our bodies will begin to break down and decay. And our fundamental "self" is soaking in a brine of ridiculous chemicals that make it seem like it's a good idea to spend all day eating Hot Pockets in bed and then go out and abuse substances and have inadvisable sex.

So resolutions are probably ultimately an OK idea. We're all beautiful the way we are, but we should all also be constantly striving to be better versions of ourselves.

My resolution is to write more blog posts!

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