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We played a really fun show yesterday at the Frequency in Madison. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and thanks to Rego, Map of the Woods and, Band at the Pub! (who might have actually been called A Bear Climbed a Mountain Once or something like that?)

That's all I really have to say about that until we get the bootlegs processed, so now I'm going to talk about tea.

My co-workers and my little sister are all big tea enthusiasts, so I am often surrounded by tea paraphenelia. One thing that all tea people seem to have is an affinitea (ha!) for puns along the lines of that one back there. Tea machines all seem to have names like "trinitea" and "infinitea," and there's a tea review website called "teaviews."

The weird thing with this penchant of thiers, is that all of the puns tend to be neutral or minorly positive at best. No one makes a "divinitea" strainer or a "gaitea" kettle. Neutralitea (bwa!) seems to be the key word here.

For obvious reasons, no one slaps puns with negative connotations on their products. Though I would try something made with a "dishonestea" tea pot just for the noveltea (gar!) of the experience. I also don't see the teas themselves being named that way. Again, I would probably drink "hyperactivitea" since it sounds like it would have enough caffiene to make choking down the swill a worthwhile activitea (yah!).

I personally am a pun enthusiast. At this point in the writeang (ooh... No good, Steve) process, I am basically looking for excuses to keep going so that I can keep up the word play. If you keep reading, which I do not recommend at this point, you can expect a pretty drastic drop in the writing coherency and qualitea (bamph!).

Ingenuitea, perspicacitea, plasticitea, disparitea, undauntabilitea, perpetuitea, asininitea, masculinitea, femininitea (that was an obvious one), inanitea, musicalitea...

Big help, big help. And superlative news of cosure.

Tea hee!

Wait... You're saying Gyokuro isn't a DBZ character?

Gosh. You sure have a neat personalitea.

I can't believe you gave a shout out to Teaviews, big bro. That's pretty cool.

Also, husband says, "Co-workers and sister?! How dare he lump you in with those peasants?! Bah! She drinks teas that until a few decades ago were only available to Japanese aristocracy and political leaders in Mao's cultural revolution."

I don't think he sees the futilitea of his argument. But seriously, I BET THEY THINK GYOKURO IS A CHARACTER FROM DRAGON BALL Z.


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