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Dec 3 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Band Stuff

If - sorry, "when" - you go to a Regdar show, you might notice that we do some pretty ridiculous covers: Abridged punk "I was Made For Loving You". minor key "Free Falling". "Muskrat Love". You might think, "why don't they do unironic covers?"

There's a very good reason for that! There are a lot of bands and songs that I just love. I would love to play "Bury Me" by the Smashing Pumpkins or "In Repair" by Our Lady Peace, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It's because I have nothing to add to those songs. The "canonical" version of those songs as recorded by the band is so entrenched in my head, what could I do besides ruin them or slavishly-reproduce them?

Neither of those options is appealing to me. A weird, nerdy version of a song I've loved since my youth might be kind of fun, but I would always compare it unfavorably to the original.

And a direct reproduction just seems pointless. If you want to hear the original version of "Kill the Poor", you'll just listen to the original. You don't need me to play it. If you're going to do a cover song, do something new and different with it. Unless you're a bar band, bar band versions of songs are boring. Buddies, being boring bar bands blows. (Say that five times fast)

So that's why we only play covers of songs that I'm OK with ruining. (Or songs that I didn't discover until later in life, thus making them more flexible in my head jukebox and/or songs by people that are so cool, that it's worth risking ruining their songs.)

Pumpkin image via Wikipedia.

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