What the eff?!?

Today someone told me to watch last night's musical guest from SNL.So I cued it up on Hulu (endorsement please!) and started watching. I haven't listened to much Arcade Fire, but I've generally enjoyed them. It was good times.

Then I saw this guy:

Arcade Fire guy
Photo courtesy* Vanity Fair.

What?!? Those of you who know me, may be aware that I look like this:


Are you kidding me?!? The guy from Arcade Fire stole my haircut! How many Canadians with mo-mullets do we need?

It is ON, Guy From Arcade Fire! If we ever meet in real life, we will be duelling or something. It will be an epic clash that bards will speak of in hushed tones for eons! Blood will rain from the sky! Children born that day will weep for no apparent reason! There will probably be some pretty cool explosions and laser effects!

That, or I'll probably have forgotten this, and I'll be pretty nice to you. I'll probably sign your copy of our CD for you. (I assume that should I ever meet aforementioned Guy From Arcade Fire (or GFAF, as I like to call him.) it will be because RatF is world famous and he is a fan and has come to our show.)

*Blatantly stolen from

Way to use the inertent to help people solve problems!

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