Don't forget to vote out your incumbent

Hey! Remember last year when the government shut down for no good reason? Remember how that caused a bunch of government employees to be suspended without pay and caused others to be forced to continue coming into work but without pay?

Remember how some of those unpaid government employees literally saved the lives of the very politicians who had just suspended their paychecks?

Remember how those politicians themselves were still getting paid that whole time?

So here's the trick with that: This kind of shady, dangerous politicing is just business as usual for these guys. Shutting down the government over a disputed law should never have been an option on the table. But unless we make it clear to politicians that we won't tolerate this kind of thing, they're going to keep doing it.

Hey! It's almost election day, isn't it? So here's my recommendation: If your senator or representative is up for re-election, vote them out. Unless they gave up their salary during the shutdown to pay the salaries of the folks who were actually doing their jobs, your congressperson is being a douchenozzle and should lose their job. We keep on re-electing 90% of these guys no matter how terrible they are at what they do, and that's ridiculous. The American people need to make it clear that this isn't acceptable.

This election cycle, send these jerks a message. Vote them all out, and let them know that they're still answerable to the rest of us.

Thumbnail courtesy Richard Bartz via Wikipedia (CC Attribution Share Alike 2.5)

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