I call dibs on the patent!

OK. So I have a brilliant idea for an invention!

First, we're going to need cheap and efficient time travel. Don't worry! We'll only be going forward, so we don't need to worry about paradoxes or the fact that there's no real basis in physics for time travel backwards yet.

Second, we'll make an HVAC system out of it. Think about it! Heating and cooling air is incredibly inefficient, especially when you consider that exactly 6 months ago, the natural temperature outside would be perfect for heating/cooling your home right now. We just use our cheap and efficient time machines to pump air from outside forward 6 months, then half a year later, we open the fans and bring that air in!

Now there are a few problems with this idea. First of all, we'll have to pay licensing fees to whoever has the patent on the time machine. That will kind of suck, but hopefully we can keep costs down.

Secondly, these devices will probably need a 6 month "spin up" time to avoid side-effects on the atmosphere.  If we sold a whole bunch of these at once, you would have a whole bunch of air disappearing from populated areas and not being replaced for half a year. This probably wouldn't be good. So these things would have to start pushing air forward in gradually increasing increments. This means that your system would start bringing air in within a few days, but you wouldn't notice a temperature difference until almost a year later. It'd still be worth it though.

If you are a corporation that has the resources to make this invention happen, you're welcome to it. All I ask is that my name be on the patent. And that you give me one of these systems. With free upgrades for life. And reasonable portion of the profits.

If you're not a corporation but - in fact - a fan of my band, don't forget to check our tour page. We've got a lot of shows coming up, and we'd love for you to make to to some of them!

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