I'd rather be a jerk than not say things on the Internet.

So... this post is probably straight-up dickish of me to post, but I don’t have any other ideas, and I already skipped one week.

POLITICS! It’s on everyone’s minds. We just had the first presidential debate, which I did not watch. And... I’m still not a citizen of the U.S.A. and thus cannot vote. Clearly, I am qualified to talk about this!

I’ve noticed that some of my friends have become quite outspoken Libertarians in the last year or so.* I’ve also noticed that I have some friends who quite consistently live in their parent’s basements. There’s some overlap here. (Basically, all of them except for Lee Satterfield, but I don’t really “know” him so much as “follow his sweet punk band Treephort on Twitter.”)

This outspoken Libertarianism mixed with chronic unemployment is a constant source of amusement to me. It seems that the economic collapse is one of the biggest points of contention in this election, and it comes up in the talking points that these friends post to their Facebook walls.

Here’s the thing though: these people are refusing to participate in the economy. Which candidate has the best job-creation plan isn’t a factor that affects you if you aren’t looking for a job. Who will keep gas prices lower isn’t really your problem if you don’t have a car. Who will keep healthcare costs down doesn't concern you if your parents buy your Adderall for you.**

Really, if you’re a dependent*** it makes more sense to vote for whoever would benefit your parents the most. I guess the big disconnect here is that I’m not friends with my friends’ parents on Facebook. Maybe if I was following their posts, I’d know that they too are frothing libertarians. Hooray, consistency?

* If this sentence describes you, you probably don’t want to read the rest of this. I don’t think you’ll like it? I’m sorry. Please remember though, I like you, and I value our friendship, no matter how much I may question or deride your life choices... behind your back... in public. Wow. I feel like a jerk now.

** Man! That was a low blow! I'm kinda sorry I'm being such a jerk to you, friends!

*** Heh! Dependent Independents!

I refuse to talk to libertarians about their belief system for the same reason I don't try to argue with Scientologists. We can't even agree on where to start. I think the best we can do is to agree to battle it out at the ballot box.

Your post is funny, though. There is no polite way to point out that someone is out to lunch, even when they clearly are.

I too was once a frothing Libertarian, as are many young white technologically savvy men. The theory is beautiful and appeals to America's love of rugged individualism. But then I read a history book or two. We as a society put an enormous amount of academic thought into how economies work after the great depression. A man named Maynard Keynes got his name attached to a model of economic thinking which made a lot of predictions which have held up far better in the real, modern world than those of Libertarianism.

I would say to your (and my) libertarian friends, "I was once as you are. You are young and bright, so challenge yourself with an open mind, and see if you don't change it. Spend a day reading Paul Krugmen's blog. Or even better, really challenge yourself and read the enormous history book Lords Of Finance."

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