Ethical Quandaries with Fighter #1 - Pod People

Image used without authorization because honestly the idea of a book cover not entering public domain over a decade after the author's death, 40 years after the illustrator's, and 60 years after initial publication is ridiculous! I blame Disney.

Let’s play a thought game!

Let’s say there are three people. We’ll use the standard cryptography/infosec trio: Alice, Bob, and Carol.

Alice and Bob are best friends. They would die for each other. Unbeknownst to Alice tho, Bob is one day replaced by an evil pod-person who we’ll call Pob for simplicity.

Shortly thereafter, Pob meets Carol and becomes friends with her. Best friends, in fact. Carol and Pob would die for each other. Pob also maintains the facade of being Alice’s friend; through which Carol and Alice become friends.

Suddenly! Bob escapes! He meets up with Alice and tells her what has happened. Now, of course, Alice and Bob have to team up to destroy Pob. They try to recruit their mutual friend Carol to the cause.

Now what should Carol do? Objectively, Pob is an evil clone. But subjectively, Bob is an evil clone of her best friend Pob. Should she team up with her friend Alice and someone who superficially resembles her best friend in order to vanquish her actual best friend? Or should she stand by her best friend whom she now knows to be evil in order to vanquish someone who looks like her best friend?

At what point does a pod person become the real person? At what point should good and evil trump loyalty to friends? Kidnapping and fraud seems pretty egregious!

Also, what are the legal rights of a pod person? Was Pob born in the USA? Is he a citizen? Does he get due process?

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