Fighter #1's Adventures Through Time

So here’s a question to consider! Let’s say something happens, and I’m hurled backwards in time and stranded there. What would I do? Theres a few obvious things I might do to make life better for myself and those around me. But I probably don’t want to mess with the timeline too much by introducing calculus to cave men or anything like that.

The thing is, there’s stuff that I’d like to know now that a version of me from the past would be better able to find the answers to. Being able to give a first-hand account of historical events could be pretty sweet! So how could future-past me communicate with present-present me?

Obviously, I could leave messages to myself in various ways, but I’d need to ensure the transmission of those messages and non-interference in those messages by the intervening people. I mean, if I make the messages easy to find and decode, then we’re back in that calculus/cavemen situation where my messages to myself could significantly affect history.

No, the messages would have to be written in such a way that I, and only I, could decode them. I’m thinking a one-time pad! I would have to somehow carry a one-time pad with me at all times (maybe I need another tattoo...) Between that and my completely anachronistic English writing, my messages would be pretty undecodable.

The second factor would be ensuring their transmission. I would need to stash my message somewhere that I’m sure that it could make it back to me. It would also need to be a form that wouldn’t decay. This means paper solutions are probably right out. I’d have to carve it in stone somewhere. Location is a much trickier issue. I’d need to hide it somewhere that it would be undisturbed and that I could also be sure of finding it. This means it will probably need to be near a significant historical marker that I could easily reach with whatever the local level of technology is.

So now all that remains is to take the steps I need to in order to find the message that I will have left for myself maybe. Let’s make a TODO list!

  1. Learn how to encrypt/decrypt manually with a one-time pad.
  2. Generate a sufficiently-large one-time pad and either memorize it or tattoo it, Memento-style on myself.
  3. Come up with a list of adequate hiding places covering the entire globe.
  4. Visit all those locations and find my (hopefully not non-existant) messages.

Who wants to go on a road trip?

P.S. If you posted a comment on one of my blog posts using a name that contained the word "bikini" or "lingerie" (or however you spell it), I'm sorry, but I just deleted it. There was a run of spam bots last week, and I didn't bother vetting the posts individually.

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