Why All Good Music Is My Favorite Genre

Sep 1 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Other bands we enjoy, Waxing Sophistic

Image via Placenta on Soundclick: proving me wrong, apparently.

I’ve noticed an interesting tendency in people with strong opinions about music: in any song that they like, they tend to point out ways that it resembles their favorite genre. If I like a song, it’s usually because of the artists’ DIY work ethic or artistic independence.

That’s because I think of myself as a “punk” musician, and those are punk values.

However, if I’m hanging out with the guys from Nuclear Bubble Wrap, they tend to get excited about experimental production techniques and weird artistry because they’re psychedelic musicians.

When I’m hanging out with the guys in Lipstick, they’re interested in complex production and rocking guitar riffs: “glam” traits.

So all of us may very well end up liking the same song and describing as 3 distinctly different genres. Self-produced, riff rock with a bunch of weird noises thrown in would be called punk, psychedelic, or glam by the three of us despite the fact that almost no band would describe themselves as “psychedelic glam punk”.

Because that genre would be unmarketable.

And that isn’t punk.

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