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Jul 27 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Crackpot Theories to save the world

SCIENCE! has, unfortunately, demonstrated that the premise of meritocracy tends to not work very well. People in power tend to be not very good at their jobs either because they were over-promoted for merit or because they were promoted for stupid reasons. (Being good at politics is not real merit.) On top of that, skill in one’s field is rarely fully representative of if one is really qualified to have that job. i.e. being good at a job doesn’t mean that you benefit humanity by having that job. This is especially true if you have a job that is ostensibly intended to benefit humanity such as politician or police officer.

To that effect, I propose a new sort of meritocracy. If you wish to have a career in a field where you would have great capacity to help or harm your fellow man, you must first qualify for that job. You would have to pass a test. It wouldn’t be some easily-gameable aptitude test either. No, it would be a complex and subtle ethics test.

If you are deemed to be too unethical, you don’t get to be a soldier or a politician or a judge. Heck, you may not even get to be an elementary school teacher. (Fewer teachers might be a good idea anyway; it would drive up their market value.)

Now there would be a couple tricks to this system. The actual test would probably have to be pretty secretive. If people knew exactly how (or even when) they were being scored, they would be able to game the system and essentially cheat their way through the ethics test. (Oh, the irony, etc.) They would only be able to know that while they were training and qualifying for the job, they were being graded on their ethics. Unless they were demonstrating that they wouldn’t not be corrupt in their execution of their duties, they would ultimately fail.

Ironically, the most feasible way to execute this would be to have highly unethical psychologists administering the tests. They’d have to be perfectly willing to subtly invade their subjects privacy and manipulate them into behaving naturally instead of faking their behavior. Don’t worry though, with all of the cops and lawyers suddenly out of a job, those placements should be pretty easy to fill.

Once again, I have single-handedly saved civilization! You are welcome, world.

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