Show Recap: At least we got some bootlegs out of it!

Jul 1 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Show recap

About two months ago, we signed up to participate in a battle of the bands. It was a pretty elaborate setup: It was going to take place over the course of 3 separate nights. The winner was going to get a professional music video made. There was going to be text-in voting. They were even talking about streaming the show online so your distant fans could watch and vote too.

Then they had the first of the 3 performances. Two of the six bands showed up.

Then they canceled the other two. We were scheduled to play on night 2.

Undeterred we contacted the venue to try to set up some kind of alternate show. The finally got back to us the Monday before to give us the OK. We then began frantically emailing the other bands on the ticket to see if any still wanted to play.  One of them did.

So we started contacting other bands. Finally, we got a hold of Awkward Terrible, Who seemed like a good match tone wise, and they were willing to play! Those two bands, plus a local that the venue hoped to find for us, meant we had a show!

Then the day of the show arrived. Awkward Terrible emailed to let us know they couldn't make it. Weak.

Then the local band never materialized.

Then the other BotB participant didn't show up.

So it was just us. Screw it! We'll play anyway.

So we played a pretty sweet set! Except there was one other setback. There was no one there who wasn't being paid to attend. At all. Zero. Somehow, nobody showed up to this fairly popular bar near Chicago on a Saturday night. The closest we had to an audience was our merch guy, Ryan (who was being paid in beer but paid nonetheless).

Long story short, we filmed the show and uploaded the videos to our YouTube channel. With a professional sound guy and no audience to interfere, they actually turned out pretty well!  These are probably some of the best videos we're going to make until we hit bajillionairre rock star status.

Overall, it was a pretty good show!

A painfully familiar rock and roll story. Nobody showed up, we rocked anyway.

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