Bike Safety 101

So you’re driving along in your car when suddenly you see a cyclist on the road. Oh no! It’s a non-standard vehicle! How do you handle this situation to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of flattening some jerk on a bike or otherwise being delayed in your important travels?

Step 1: Verify the rider’s age. If it’s a kid. They’re probably not paying attention. Slow down and give ‘em plenty of room. Don’t be responsible for smacking a kid. That’s no good!

Step 2: Assuming it’s an adult (if it’s a kid, you’re pretty much done after step 1 up there), maintain your speed. The majority of drivers don’t slow down or pay much attention to cyclists. An intelligent cyclist will assume that none of you do. This means that the one guy who tries to be “courteous” or “cautious” and slows down (or even worse, unnecessarily yields!) for a cyclist throws off the whole flow of traffic!
A good cyclist knows you’re there. We’ve already seen your car, and we’re looking shoot through the gap in traffic behind you. When you slow down all of a sudden, you destroy that gap. Now we’re stuck waiting for you AND the three cars behind you.

When you see a cyclist on the road, give them as much space in the lane as you reasonably can, but maintain traffic flow. You can probably expect him to do something crazy and/or illegal, but he knows what he’s doing. Sure, it may look stupid, but if you keep going at the same speed as traffic, it really isn’t. He knows what he’s doing, and as long as you don’t do something unexpected like slow down (or arbitrarily yield. Freaking A’! Don’t yield to a cyclist unless he legitimately has right of way!) everyone will get where they’re going, and no one will get hurt.

Note: This advice may be terrible. This is just how I'd prefer drivers to behave when I'm biking.

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