There's no accounting for taste.

Jun 10 | Posted by: Fighter #1 |

Today, I think we should talk about (and link to!) horrible music.

A few years back, some... scientists? collected a bunch of data points and tried to quantify what people like and dislike in music. They ended up manufacturing two songs from their results: The Most Wanted Song which is three and a half minutes of mediocre pop drivel. And the far-more entertaining Least Wanted Song, 25 minutes of rapping opera cowboys and children's holiday choirs shilling Wal-mart to the sounds of accordions and bagpipes.

Yes, the latter is far more listenable. It is, in fact, amazing in its own special way! I find that I can barely sit through the "Most Wanted Song," but sometimes I find myself humming "Rammadan! Rammadan! Lots of praying and NO BREAKFAST! Rammadan! So much fun! Do all your shopping at Wal-mart!"

Clearly this whole "what is and isn't good" thing is pretty subjective.* I wonder why we argue about it so much?

Then today, I was directed to what I now belive to be the worst song ever. For those of you who are not yet inured to brain-melting cosmic horror, that is The Halls of the Mountain King synthesized from the screams of children.

I'm thinking there's probably something out there that's even worse, but still awesome in its own horrific way. Perhaps you, my dear reader, can help out? Post a comment! What is the most face-blisteringly awful song that you've ever heard?

* Disclaimer: All Regdar and the Fighters songs are objectively good.

Dude, right on there brtoehr.

I couldn't stop laughing through The Hall of the Mountain King. I feel like you took the face blisteringly awful song challenge to the next level before if even started.

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