Greatest Album Title Evar

May 18 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Other bands we enjoy

Ok. Something like my last 3 posts have been grumpy and politically. So let’s mix it up with some hilarity!
Last year I went into a record store in Madison and shuffled through the $1 bin. Inside I found this brilliantly-titled album

Killing All the Posers 2

This is quite possibly my favorite album of all time. It raises so many interesting questions.
Obviously, there was a Killing All the Posers #1, right? So what happened?
Did they miss some? Do posers occur spontaneously so you have to keep going back and weeding out the new ones? Where are these new posers coming from, and what can we do to prevent future infestations?

I feel that if we can solve this problem, we can probably handle anything!

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