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May 15 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: My Alienating Opinions

So I meant to write this blog post back during the Wendy Davis filibuster, but I got lazy, so I’m doing it now instead. (As a reminder, Wendy Davis spent something like 11 hours filibustering a bill in Texas that would have closed most of the Planned Parenthoods in the state as well as set a much stricter cutoff date for when abortions were legal.)

During that whole ordeal I heard a lot of terrible things being said. Interestingly enough, my normally vocal conservative friends didn’t chime in at all. All of the terrible things were said by my liberal friends. Owing to that, I’ve started compiling a list of all of the words that we all need to stop using whenever the abortion debate comes up again.

“Baby murder”, “pro-death”, etc. Yes, if you are on the pro-life side of things, the primary goal is of course to save human lives. The problem is that nobody disagrees on that point. Nobody wants to kill babies. The disagreement is on what point somebody becomes human. Telling somebody they’re a murderer when they don’t even agree that the victim is human is just going to put them on the defensive and shut down discourse. Try to sway them on the issue of what is human rather than whether or not it’s wrong to kill people.

“Anti-choice” This is the opposite side of the same coin. In the same way that nobody’s real goal is killing babies, almost nobody explicitly has the goal of limiting women’s reproductive freedom*. The only reason they’re interested in restricting people’s freedom is that they want to ensure that your freedoms don’t infringe on other people’s. The real debate is when someone becomes human and thus eligible to rights.

“Slut”, “Whore”, etc. Ok. This is legitimately anti-choice. Seriously guys, whom a person wants to sleep with is completely irrelevant to the question of what rights the results of such a union deserve. If you want to regulate sexual ethics, you should pick a different debate.

“Pro-coat hanger”. Frick! Geez! No! Nobody wants that! If you end up talking to somebody who says that this would be a desirable outcome, just stop being friends with that person! That’s terrible!

* Sadly, there seem to be more exceptions to this than to the “no one wants to kill babies” rule, but they are still pretty few and far between.

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