Hey kids! Regdar and the Fighters wants to rock your basement! Wait... does that sound weird?

May 13 | Posted by: Fighter #1 |

The adventure that was last weeks show really highlighted something to me: I like all-ages shows. Though it's not because they're safer and weird stuff is less likely to happen. Generally, we want crazy, unexpected things to happen at shows. That's half the point of what Regdar is doing.

First of all, there's the selfish reason. Our music is more likely to appeal to a younger audience. It's fast-paced, high-energy, and weird. Some bar crowds can get into that kind of thing, but most of them don't. All ages shows mean that kids get to hear our stuff, which means more potential fans. Sweet!

Then there is the vicarious reason. I grew up in a podunk town of 1000 people in rural Wisconsin. There was basically no live music. A couple times a year, the old guys would put together their cover bands and play "Brown-eyed Girl" in the park, but that was it. Besides school sports, about the only thing to do in Cassville was hang around in the park or walk around in the street. After I grew up and started attending shows, I developed a deep sense of frustration about this. Rock shows are amazing! No kid should be deprived of them! Age-restricted shows ruffle my feathers because I want the kids to be able to see good music. Give the kids something to do to keep 'em out of trouble and help them develop an interesting taste in music!

Ok. I need to stop ranting now before this wall of text gets worse.

So what's the point here?

We need to play more all ages shows. And that's where you as the fan come in. Do you have a basement or backyard or a friend who does? Do you want to host a sweet rock show in it? Sweet! Drop us a line, and we'll try to set up that show.
Put up fliers, and invite all your friends. If you or your friends have a band, great! They can play too. We'll drive out with our PA and play a sweet basement show!

Seriously. Let's do this thing!

Now when you say you "resemble" that remark... :D

It may be edgier, but I assume kids these days want to hear music that isn't older than they are!

Plus, everyone loves originals! Even the world's greatest cover band isn't as much fun as an originals band. At least in my (clearly correct) opinion.

Yes, your dad did read this and I resemble that remark. We played a lot more than "Brown Eyed Girl". I think "Locomotive Breath" kind of became my signature song, you gotta admit that's a little edgier than BEG!

BTW, the facebook link to this page is broken...

"the old guys would put together their cover bands"

I sure hope Dad doesn't read your blog...

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