There Are Four Lights!

May 2 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Waxing Sophistic

This picture is my tattoo. It's the binary for "2+2!=5". It turns out that this is not an uncommon theme for tattoos. A lot of people liked that book, especially musicians.

One distinction that I've noticed is that most people phrase it as "2+2=5". I feel like this is an important one. "Two and two makes five" is an ironic phrase. It says, "I am intentionally speaking falsehood to satirize and mock peddlers of untruth."

"Two plus two does not equal five", on the other hand asserts the truth. Instead of ironically subverting lies, I refute them. Both have their uses. I mock falsehood often, but when it comes to something important enough to put indelibly on my body, I'd rather deny lies than tease them.

It's "there are four lights", not "sure five lights. Ptbhttttt!"

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