In Defense of Pedal Taverns

Apr 18 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: My Alienating Opinions

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We are centered out of Nashville, TN, these days. If you don't know anything about Nashville, it's a major tourist destination, especially for bachelorette parties. This has lead to a rise of an assortment of businesses designed to cater to that particular demographic.

One of which is pedal taverns: 16-person motor-assisted bicycles with a bartender* and driver that putz around downtown. Passengers drink, see the sights, and end the tour at a bar where they drink some more and then walk to other bars (to drink)

Locals hate them. They're slow and interfere with traffic. The girls (primarily) who ride them are annoying (and loud). They leave a mess. The riders don't tip very well. As a slow-moving, massive, drunk bike; they're probably not super safe.

I think they're great.

Noise and mess are a legitimate concern, but they primarily operate downton where that's par for the course. If you don't want to live near noise, you're not going to rent an (incredibly epensive) apartment right next to the bars that play loud music 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the tourists walking out of those bars and the stadium aren't going to litter less.

As far as traffic and safety concerns go, I can think of - like - 4 things off the top of my head that are a bigger concern. (Ad trucks for one.) If you find yourself driving around touristy downtown frequently, you've probably made some poor life choices anyway.

I think the main thing that really annoys people is the annoying "whoo" girls though. Here's the thing. They're gonna do that anyway. The difference is: do you want to put up with a bachelorette party driving by shouting "whoo" at you in a pedal tavern? Or an SUV? They'll be in something like a pedal tavern, or they'll be in a hummer limo - which is exactly the same in terms of noise and traffic but has the added disadvantage of burning fossil fuels instead of calories. Or they'll drive one of their own cars, which has all of those same disadvantages plus the further threat that it's one of them driving it drunk.

If people are gonna be loud and annoying, I'd rather they were loud and annoying and safe and largely non-polluting at least.

* I have no clue what the bartender on a BYOB vehicle does.

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