Happy 13337 Day!

Happy 13337 day, everyone!
Ok. I’m the better part of a day early, but I’ll be busy tomorrow.

“Fighter 1,” you ask, suddenly calling me by my canonical band nickname despite there being no precedent to do so, “what the frickin’ flippin’ A are you talking about?”

Why, I’m talking about UNIX timestamps of course!

BORING EXPLANATION: A lot of computer systems use UNIX timestamps to keep track of what time it is. This is a nice system in that it’s consistent around the entire world! A timestamp is simply how many seconds it has been since midnight on January 1st 1970 GMT. So your computer just stores the time as a nice big number; then, whenever it needs to display it for one of us meaty, weak humans, it converts it into something that makes sense to us.

So what is 13337 day then? Well, this Friday at around 3 AM (Central USA time), the timestamp will be 1333700000! It will stay 13337somthing all the way through Saturday morning around 7 (again local time).  Nice, round numbers for dates are always fun, especially when they’re particularly nerdy or mathematically interesting.

So how does one celebrate 13337 day? I’m not sure. Perhaps you should go to an anime convention? That’s a pretty good idea!

“But Steve!” You say, reverting to my real name like some kind of inconsistent jerk. Why are you such a jerk, hypothetical reader? “Don’t interrupt my leading questions with more questions, Fighter 1. It just confuses the issue!” I’ll interrupt what I want! I’m the one writing the blog, I retort testilly.

“ ‘I am sorry,’ you say, ‘it was rude of me to interrupt.’ “ You say putting words in my mouth. Cut that out! That's my thing! Just ask your stupid question, so we can finish up this blog post and go eat some pie or do whatever it was we were doing before.

“Fine,” you sulk, “Why are we celebrating 13337 day instead of just waiting for 1337 day on May 14th when the timestamp will be 1337000000?”
To which I respond. Shut up!

(Besides, 1337000000 to 1337999999 is actually about 12 days.)

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