On Christian Supremacy

Apr 4 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Prescriptive Linguist

Pictured: Machinae Supremacy, the only good supremacy.

I've found myself using this term a lot lately.I think it's a useful - and under-utilized - one. Like other forms of supremacism, it's the belief that one particular religion makes its adherents fundamentally better than others. It's the same sort of tribalism which has always lead to violence and subjugation of people by tribe, race, gender, etc.

Historically, I've lumped Christians I've encountered into two major categories: "authentic" Christians who - for better or worse - truly believe their understanding of the Bible and nature of Christ, and "de-facto" Christians who consider themselves Christians not because of any active life choices or beliefs but because they are members of a "Christian" culture. They didn't choose to be Christian, but they don't care enough to choose not to be.

As I've grown more cynical and liberal, the first category has split into two distinct sub-categories: those who authentically believe that God has called them to live lives of sharing, community, and love. And those who authentically believe that God has called them to convert the world by force; they will out-breed and out-school the heathens and conquer evil, no matter who stands in their way.

So this latter sub-category is the most-obvious form of Christian Supremacy. Instead of asserting the supremacy of Christ by demonstrating His love, joy, and peace to those around them, these people assert Christian Supremacy through political power and Pharisaical dominance.

I've come to see that the second major category is also perniciously split into two sub-categories. Most people just want to live their lives and be generally left alone to do so. For many people, this means accepting implicit Christianity and doing nothing with it. They don't read the Bible or go to church, and they live and let live.

But there are also those who embrace implicit Christian Supremacy. They don't read the Bible or go to church, but they do hate Muslims for believing in the wrong god. Obviously, this is very troubling. Apathy is one thing, but apathetic maliciousness is another entirely more-terrifying thing.

So yeah, I'm gonna be using that phrase a lot more.

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