Con-drama part 7053

With MTAC coming up this weekend, it seems a prime time to talk about this. Oh fortuitous timing!

So there's con drama going down in Indiana right now. Surprisingly, it's not quite your usual staff-doing-shady-things-to-each-other-or-attendees kind! This time, it's a con actively attempting to do good! Gencon sent the governor of Indiana an open letter about the new religious exemption law. It's a very politely-worded and calm warning saying that the law could affect their attendees' ability to procure services during the event, which would in-turn affect the event and force them to look into alternative locations for future events.

So the subext is pretty blatant: "If you let business start refusing our mutual customers just because they're gay, we'll take our convention and the millions of dollars it brings your state elsewhere."

On the one hand, good for them standing up for the underdog and discouraging discrimination. On the other hand, does anyone else find the premise of an intrastatal for-profit corporation using it's economic clout to threaten the government into regulating local businesses problematic?

It's not that I think GenCon is doing the wrong thing. I just think that it could be a dangerous precedent here. Before you applaud them too enthusiastically, be aware of what they're doing here and make sure that you're OK with that - and that you're OK with it when someone (*cough* Wal-Mart *cough*) you don't agree with does it.

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