Other bands we like: Rebecca Black...

Mar 26 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Other bands we enjoy

No, not that one! I spent this week visiting my brother in New York City.

On thursday, we went to an open mic at the Quays in Astoria (a pretty good Irish pub if you ever get the chance to stop by.)  Both of us and our dad played some songs. It was pretty good times.

Right after we finished, a female singer-songwriter named Rebecca Black (assuming that's the right spelling) got up and played some songs.  She had a lot of clever lyrics ("I'll do my best to thrill you/but if you ever leave, I'll kill you.") and decently catchy music. (Actually, she sounded a lot like Kate Micucci (But with a mandolin instead of a ukulele).

If you see her around. I endorse giving her a listen.

Will be sure to keep an ear out for her!

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