I hate all other musicians!

You know there are probably musicians who aren't a little crazy, people who don't have have an obsession with playing, who don't have a little voice in the back of their heads reciting lyrics at them all day, who could take or leave music. Screw those guys. Clear the field a bit!

If you're doing it for the money or anything other than an obsessive desire to craft awesome music, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons and should probably become a manager or something, especially since a) that's where the money actually is, and 2) we could use a manager or at least a booking agent or something. Any volunteers?

Wait... that sounds wholly plausible.


If we could change the social architecture so that people on the business end were perceived as reaping all the social cachet and sexual attention, we could siphon off all the people motivated by those factors, which would drain the pool of musicians to a manageable size. Music would become an obscure subculture attended to only by aficionados who are virtually all practitioners. In other words... jazz.

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