Encores are garbage

Mar 11 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Band Stuff, My Alienating Opinions

You know what practice I can’t stand in live music? Encores. They’re such a transparent waste of everyone’s time.

There are two situations where you might be inclined to do an encore:

  1. You’re one of the earlier bands in a lineup. If you do an encore in this case, you’re being a jerk to all the other bands. You’re throwing the schedule off; you’re trying the audience’s patience so they’re more tired and inclined to leave early; you’re just making life difficult for everyone.

  2. You’re the headliner that everyone’s there to see. In this case, everybody knows you’re going to do an encore. “Teasing” the audience by leaving the stage before playing your biggest song is just a waste of everyone’s time.

Can we all just agree to stop doing encores? And can we as audience members agree to stop asking for them? And stop shouting “Free Bird!” And get off my lawn! Dang kids!

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