Yesterday's show at the Frequency

Feb 17 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Show recap

We had a pretty sweet show at the Frequency in Madison yesterday.  Unfortunately, only about 20 people showed up who weren't in the other bands. We rocked pretty hard but there weren't a lot of faces there to be rocked. I guess everyone was two blocks away protesting the governer trying to murder teachers or something like that. (I don't follow Wisconsin politics that closely these days.)

So for those of you who didn't show up, here's what you missed:

Playground of Sound kicked things off with some excellent blues rock. They were all excellent musicians, and I was especially impressed by how the female vocalist belted out those songs!

Then Asparigii jammed out on 3 or 4 raggae songs. I enjoyed the contrast: they played 2 songs that were 20 minutes long; then we got up and played 20 songs that were 2 minutes long!

To close out the night was some band that I've never heard of.

The most exciting part of the night was probably the drive home! After fighting through crowds of angry teachers, students, and national guardsman called out to vanquish their protest and restore the governor's martial law came the fog! Few things are quite as fun as cruising down the highway at 30 miles an hour because you can't see farther than 15 feet out!

This early spring is pretty nice, but the nightly fog is a little awkward. Rawk!

I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dispaly!

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