The Importance of Inventory

Feb 15 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Band Stuff

Right now is an exciting time for music. The barrier to entry is lower than it has ever been before. It takes very little money for anyone to create that album they’ve always dreamed of. This is democratic and awesome, and it has resulted in some amazing musicians getting a chance to record music that they never would have before.

The unfortunate side effect is that it also takes very little skill to record music these days. There is much more wonderful music than there ever has been before, but there is also much more terrible, pointless music too. The signal-to-noise ratio* for recorded music is quite possibly the worst it has ever been in the history of man. It’s important for listeners to have a way to determine what music is worth investigating and what should be just ignored outright.

Yesterday, we finalized the proofs for our upcoming album Spoiler Alert!, which we’ll be releasing next week. We are having a run of CDs be physically pressed, printed, and shipped to us to distribute.

Doing this is somewhat out-of-vogue these days. Many bands of our level of popularity would be more inclined to just go with digital distribution and let an on-demand service (such as CD Baby or Createspace) handle what few physical copies need to be made.

So what does this have to do with signal-to-noise in finding decent music to listen to? Risk! All things being equal, I’m much more interested in a band that is taking the risk to have a physical inventory than one that isn’t. It tells me that they care and that they’re serious about what they’re doing.

If you’re not invested enough in your music to spend the $100 it takes to do a small run of CDs (or even the $25 and several hours of effort to burn them yourself), why should I expect you to have put anything more into recording the thing in the first place? If anyone can put any old garbage on CDBaby for free, I’m going to need some kind of demonstration that someone actually put some effort and thought into it.

That’s also why all our download-only EPs are dirt cheap or free. Even if we spent 100+ hours working on the thing and think it’s a totally worthwhile endeavor, we’re not going to ask you to part with more than a pittance of your own hard-earned money if we’re not willing to risk our own on the project. (That and copyright issues.)

Anyway, come to our CD release show next week. Buy physical copies of our awesome CD! Rawk!

* That would be “noise” as in the physics concept of noise not as in, say, Japanese Noise Punk, which I’m not complaining about.

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