Other bands that we like - Map of the Woods

Feb 11 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Other bands we enjoy

Quite possibly one of our favorite bands (that isn't ourselves) is Map of the Woods. It's actually Fighter #2's other band, so this is probably pretty nepotastic of us to say this, but they're a pretty sweet band.

They call their music acid rock, Americana. Basically, they play these sprawling yet grungy hard rock songs about zombies, Cthulhu, and aliens ("and s***"). They strike a good balance between heavy enough to rock out to and slow enough to chill out to.

We like them so much that we keep on playing shows with them despite the fact that most bands that like one of us aren't too fond of the other. I guess there's not a huge overlap between the acid rock and nerd punk scenes!

So check out Map. Dubuque may be small, but it turns out we churn out some pretty good bands!

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