On Asteroids and Internets

Jan 26 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Crackpot Theories to save the world
Meta political retoric rant post go!
So here’s an interesting thing about political debates. Every time people start arguing about allocation of resources (health care, energy sources), philosophical sliding scales (freedom vs. safety, capitalism vs. socialism), etc., everyone seems to lose site of the endgame: Post scarcity. We’ve all seen Star Trek. We all know what we want the future to look like. Why is it that we always get so bogged down in the details of the here and now that we forget about what should be our long-term goals?
Do we think that we truly can’t one day have readily available bacta tanks that allow us to quickly recover from any wound? Or cyborg hands indistinguishable from the original? Or vat-grown headless clones of ourselves so we can replace our decrepit bodies at will?
Do we not plan on one day building dyson spheres to harness all the energy of Alpha Centaurie to power our holodecks?
We’ve got Steven Hawking and Carl Sagan over here talking about how we should probably try to colonize other planes so that our whole species doesn’t get wiped out in a freak accident, but the only people paying attention are the sci-fi nerds!
That’s what’s so weird about the free Internet debate recently. Information is one place where a post-scarcity economy is eminently achievable, not just within our lifetimes but within a matter of a few years! We could easily make it so that everybody has more information than they could possibly need. Yet here we are, fighting against post-scarcity like a bunch of jerks.
On second thought, Sagan and Hawking are wrong. Bring on the asteroid! Melt this pale blue dot before we have a chance to infect the rest of the universe with more of our stupidity.
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