Heckling is Awesome!

Jan 11 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Band Stuff

I've been reading more and more blog, etc. posts about the evils of heckling. This is interesting to me because pretty much all of them are written from the perspective of stand-up comedians. Apparently, in the comedy world, hecklers are universally reviled.

Well, let me say that as a musician: heckling is awesome!

Music, especially rock music, is an interactive experience. Sure, you can sit back and passively consume it if you want, but it's best when enjoyed actively. Most musicians feed off of the energy that the crowd gives them, and that improves the show. Heckling is one type of interaction that can feed that energy.

Shouting things at the stage tells the musicians that you're engaged in the performance and want to be involved in what's going on.

The other thing about music and heckling is that the flow of a rock show is more conducive to interactions between audience and performer. Between songs, you have down time and banter, and a lot of bands aren't good at filling that space. Some will have rehearsed and prepared banter to spout off; others can play off of what the audience shouts.

And of course, during songs, nobody can hear your inane comments, so... whatever. Shout away.

This is all emphasized as the size of a show decreases. In smaller venues, there are fewer people and less noise. Interactions with the band can be more like conversations.

There's one big caveat to all this though: Don't be a jerk about it! If you're sitting in the back shouting, "play 'Free Bird' or get off the stage!" repeatedly, you're not contributing to anyone's good time. Good heckling should come from a place of love!

Shout at the stage because you're enjoying the show and want to interact with the band.

If you don't like the band, just leave. The best way to tell a band that they're doing something wrong is to make them play to an empty room.

So long story short, come to Regdar and the Fighters shows. Shout things at the stage. Just don't ever leave!

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