Spoiler Alert Kickstarter

Oct 23 | Posted by: Fighter #1

Hi folks! As we've mentioned several times over the past few years, we're working on our next full-length album, Spoiler Alert. Well, we've finished tracking it, and now we need to raise funds to get those recordings into a physical format which we can ship to you!

Presenting: the least ambitious Kickstarter project you will ever encounter!

That's right, we're trying to raise a paltry $100 to do a small run of the CD. Check it out! We're already 9% of the way there, and we haven't even posted an announcement yet!

This CD will include studio-quality recordings of Call of Cthulhu, Dune, Treason, and more! Ever wanted to know what Foundation was about but you're too lazy to read the Wikipedia page on it? Spoiler Alert has you covered! Ever wanted a capsule summary of the show Red Dwarf? Spoiler Alert contains just that!

Long story short, this CD is going to be awesome, and I highly endorse buying a copy right now!

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