So, do you play music or what?

Aug 21 | Posted by: Fighter #1

It's been about a month since we played our last show, and we haven't announced any new one. Add to that the fact that we haven't released any new recordings, and you might be wondering what kind of crappy band we are?

Is it all just a front to get you to read my blog so I can rant about politics, religion, and puns?

Maybe? No, probably not, actually.

We have stuff going on, we're just terrible at communication. So here's a news post about what's up!

First off, I (Steve) have been playing bass with my double-bonus-band Blue Matches a lot lately. We've played some pretty sweet shows, and we've got a big one coming up this weekend. You should probably come to it if you're in or near Nashville.

Besides that, we're hoping to be finished with "You've Probably Never Heard of Them" our covers "EP" by the end of the month. I say "EP" because what was originally supposed to be a 6 song EP has ballooned past 10 now. That's not even factoring in "They're Pretty Obscure", the follow-up remixes EP that we may or may not bother making.

"Hey," You may ask, "What about 'Spoiler Alert'? Are you gonna finish that sometime?" Yes. Yes we will. Stay tuned for that. We're still trying to figure out the best way to mix and distribute it. It'll be awesome. I promise!

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