New album "released!"

Feb 22 | Posted by: Fighter #1

So, mixed news is better than no news.

We've got a CD release show tonight. It's going to be awesome!

Unfortunately, we don't have a CD... They didn't quite managed to get pressed in time (they should be here by Monday).

However, the album is done and available for download. So go download Spoiler Alert!

We'll have download cards for the album (and for a limited time, the bonus EP TL;DR) at the show tonight, just no physical copies.

"But Fighter #1," you may demand, "what of all that self-righteous stuff you said about inventory last week?"

Yep... Well, we will have CDs next week. Until then, we'll just have to look like chumps. Sorry.

Anyway, come see our band tonight.

p.s. Oh yeah! If you contributed to "Berserker - Berserker Mix", and we haven't contacted you yet hold on for a bit. We'll be sending you a copy after we get them.

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