Obviously, I’m not making huge piles of money at this “music” thing. (What with the bit where almost no one is.) This means that I have to have a day job. As it stands, my day job is programming computers. In fact, that what I went for college ...

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Bike Safety 101

So you’re driving along in your car when suddenly you see a cyclist on the road. Oh no! It’s a non-standard vehicle! How do you handle this situation to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of flattening some jerk on a bike or ...

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Maybe Walker was Right (but for the wrong reasons)

Last week there was a recall election in Wisconsin. A lot of my friends from the area have been fighting to get to get Governor Walker recalled for the past year or so. One of the tipping points that made a lot of people really dislike him was that he ...

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More griping about vampires and books

So right now I’m reading The Vampire Lestat. Yes, I know that I’ve previously said I dislike that genre, but a friend insisted and loaned me the book... at gunpoint.....

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Crackpot Cwikie: Christian Cosmos Colonies pt 2

The command to "be fruitful and multiply" inevitably requires us to expand beyond earth. This planet has a finite capacity to support humans, and there is no end-condition specified. Obedience to this command will eventually exceed what earth can ...

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JABECon: 'twas good times!

May 28 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 0 Comments

Saturday we played at JABECon in Lebanon, TN. It was good times. It was a first-year con, which brought with it the usual first-year con hiccups (trouble getting the venue pinned down, kind of a light ...

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Blatant trolling

Ok. Back to pretending I'm clever.

I had an epiphany!

An atheist friend once pointed me to (That is an awful domain name, bee-tee-dubs (double-parentheses pro-tip: avoid apostrophes in your domain names!)). The ...

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Greatest Album Title Evar

May 18 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 0 Comments

Ok. Something like my last 3 posts have been grumpy and politically. So let’s mix it up with some hilarity!
Last year I went into a record store in Madison and shuffled through the $1 bin. Inside I found this brilliantly-titled album

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Double Secret Cross Post

May 14 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | 0 Comments

Hey look! A blog post that isn't me waxing sophistic!

I wrote a guest blog post for my buddies over at

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Nerd Rawk Speaks

Ok. Let’s see if we can offend and annoy everyone with this one! Autism! It’s a thing. A lot of people consider it a very unpleasant thing. I know very little about it. Good jumping-off point!

Being as autism is an often unpleasant thing (is ...

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