How we'll get SOPA repealed in two easy steps!

It may be naive of me, but I've never been too worried about the Stop Online Pree-speech Act (someone should really tell them they spelled it wrong.) Even ...

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Crackpot Theories: Switch the drinking and driving ages

Being as I may have inadvertantly endorsed underage drinking in last week's post, I'd better rationalize it now!

The drinking and driving ages are stupid and should be switched.

Here's my reasoning:
Public transportation is a great ...

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Crackpot Theories: PiCS, or it didn't happen.

Astute readers may have noticed that I've blatantly stolen this "blog about crackpot theories" thing from my older brother.* Now I'd like to steal another aspect of the idea from him. He once defined ...

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Crackpot Theories: A Dearth of Miracles

I've had several conversations with atheist to agnostic friends over the years that included a question something like: "If God is so existenceful, how come He has never appeared to me?"

Setting aside the fake words used by my imaginary debate ...

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Crackpot Theories: Godwin's Law = MOAR NAZIS!

Godwin's Law is one of those universal rules of the Internet. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it states: "As the length of an argument on the Internet increases, the odds of someone being compared to Hitler or the Nazis approaches 1." There ...

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More Crackpot theories: Epistemological Anarchism

Note: The following does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Regdar or any of the other fighters. Just Steve

At the laundromat that I use, there are 4 types of dryers. Each of these takes only quarters, and in return for your ...

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