I know what I'm talking about!

Having not posted anything to my blog for the last two weeks, I figure the best way to make up for it is to do my best to ensure that no one ever misses my blog posts again!

So here it goes! Trigger alert!

Yeah, that’s ...

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Other bands we enjoy: The entire Nashville pop-country scene

Mar 1 , 2013 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 0 Comments

Oh wait! I got that backwards, we enjoy cool people like Alexa Dexa and AllOne. The Nashville pop-country scene is banal, terrible, and depressing.

This week, I ended up hosting some CouchSurfers who were travelling musicians. One ...

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The Importance of Inventory

Feb 15 , 2013 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Band Stuff | 0 Comments

Right now is an exciting time for music. The barrier to entry is lower than it has ever been before. It takes very little money for anyone to create that album they’ve always dreamed of. This is democratic and awesome, and it has resulted in some ...

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Grand Unified Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

Right now, I live in the South, right smack-dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. This means that the concentration of Christians is very high. Further, this means that the concentration of people with Officially-endorsed Conservative Values (tm) when ...

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How Sausage is Made (recap)

Jan 25 , 2013 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Band Stuff | 0 Comments

Hi folks!

If you're not following our Kickstarter project, we've been doing a series of blog posts there about the recording process.

If ...

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"Steal" Our Songs!

Jan 14 , 2013 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Band Stuff | 0 Comments

We like to get feedback on our music. Specifically, we like to get constructive criticism on how to fix things.

To that effect, at least one song from from every one of our projects gets posted on the

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Heckling is Awesome!

Jan 11 , 2013 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Band Stuff | 0 Comments

I've been reading more and more blog, etc. posts about the evils of heckling. This is interesting to me because pretty much all of them are written from the perspective of stand-up comedians. Apparently, in the comedy world, hecklers are universally ...

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