The most punk band in the world right now

Theoretically, I like punk music. But here’s the problem with that: I missed punk’s heydey. I was born in the mid 80s and grew up in small-town Wisconsin. By the time I heard any punk besides Green Day or Blink 182*, it was 2003, and I was in ...

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Grading Scale of Pseudo-intellectual Cosmology

An interesting correlation I’ve noticed over the years is that people who like to think they’re smart also tend to like to think they’re incredulous. It doesn’t really matter what they’re incredulous about. Just the smarter they think they ...

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I hate all other musicians!

You know there are probably musicians who aren't a little crazy, people who don't have have an obsession with playing, who don't have a little voice in the back of their heads reciting lyrics at them all day, who could take or leave music. Screw those ...

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Books and Covers

I recently got into an argument with one of my friends about whether or not I should completely dismiss a band based on the fact that I hate their name. There’s an old adage that says, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” There’s another ...

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One last preview of HPaIMS (download)

Well, February is almost over, which means it's almost time to be finished with our RPM Challenge album.

Well, then this happened.

Now I'm sad. :(

(Mixing this weekend....

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Further recording problems (new download)

Ok. I'm going to get this stupid album done if it kills me!

Last week, the guy who volunteered to do drums let me know that he wasn't going to have time to do it. Weak! I found another friend who is both a drummer and has recording equipment and ...

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Semi-annual griping about other musicians' hair post! (new download)

Last November, as you may recall, I wrote a blog post complaining about a certain Canadian musician who may have stolen my haircut.

Well, it's that time ...

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On Asteroids and Internets

Meta political retoric rant post go!
So here’s an interesting thing about political debates. Every time people start arguing about allocation of resources (health care, energy sources), philosophical sliding scales (freedom vs. safety, ...
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Rant: EULAs (nerding with the nerds in the nerdery!)

You know what annoys me? End User License Agreements (EULAs sometimes also called Terms of Service). They’re these giant legal documents that corporate lawyers draw up as the agreement between them (the software creator) and you (the customer). ...
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Second Person is the Best Narrative Perspective

Jan 13 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Misc | 0 Comments
“But why, Steve?” You ask yourself. “Surely someone as charming, witty, and stunningly good-looking as you must have a good reason for saying such a strange thing. But for the life of me, I cannot fathom what it could be! It must be because ...
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