Other bands that we like - Map of the Woods

Feb 11 , 2011 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 0 Comments

Quite possibly one of our favorite bands (that isn't ourselves) is Map of the Woods. It's actually Fighter #2's other band, so this is probably pretty nepotastic of us to say this, but they're a ...

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Story time with Uncle Steve!

This one time I was asked to judge a battle of the bands. However, due to politics and interpersonal issues, I was eventually kicked off the panel. In fact they told me that they'd prefer I don't even show up at all.

But it was supposed to be a ...

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More Crackpot theories: Epistemological Anarchism

Note: The following does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Regdar or any of the other fighters. Just Steve

At the laundromat that I use, there are 4 types of dryers. Each of these takes only quarters, and in return for your ...

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