Dear Iowa, Please don't kill me! Love, Steve

Let me preface this by saying that some consider me a bad driver, and, to be fair, I did get my license in San Antonio, where half of the population doesn't speak English well enough ...

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Zombie Dog - the lost Into the Hill sessions

Nov 26 , 2010 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 1 Comment

Back in 2009, my brother Dave and I (Steve) put together a band called Zombie Dog.We practiced for three weeks, then spent two months driving around, playing shows. Along the way, we picked up a random bassist named Gene. Our adventures are ...

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Adventures with the city utilities department!

I live in what I like to refer to as the "ghetto" of Dubuque. It's a lower-income part of town, and it also happens to be where most of the African American population in the city lives. This probably means that calling it "the ghetto" is a little ...

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What the eff?!?

Today someone told me to watch last night's musical guest from SNL.So I cued it up on Hulu (endorsement please!) and started watching. I haven't listened to much Arcade Fire, but I've generally enjoyed them. It was good times.

Then I saw this ...

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Yesterday's show was awesome!

Nov 7 , 2010 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 0 Comments

Thanks to everyone who came out to catch us yesterday at the Lift! It was a blast! We opened for The Defibulators (solid, straight-ahead bluegrass from New York) and ...

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Bombplates Pro-tip 5: Feature requests

Aug 13 , 2010 | Posted by: Stephen | Bombplates | 1 Comment

One of the great things about having a site on the Bombplates system right now is that it's still a very small system. We have a very small development team. This means that creating great-big new features isn't always feasible, but it does mean that ...

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Bombplates Pro-tip 4: Tracking Your Finances

Aug 6 , 2010 | Posted by: Stephen | Bombplates | 0 Comments

This weeks Bombplates pro-tip is a direct sequel to last week's.

If you're serious about your band, you'll probably want to keep track of what you spend making music and how much you get ...

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Bombplates Pro-tip 3: Contacts

Jul 29 , 2010 | Posted by: Stephen | Bombplates | 1 Comment

The feature I'm talking about today has actually been in the system for quite some time, but we don't link to it in the UI anywhere yet (except, of course on the manage page.) Let me tell you ...

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Bombplates Pro-tip 2: EPK

Jul 22 , 2010 | Posted by: Stephen | Bombplates | 0 Comments

Bombplates sites have a brand new feature, hot off the keyboard! The electronic press kit.

Go to, and you can start putting it together. Some finishing touches need to be added as far as presentation goes, but you can ...

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Bombplates pro-tips

Jul 15 , 2010 | Posted by: Stephen | Bombplates | 0 Comments

I haven't ever managed to figure out the whole "making money" side of music, so I work a day job to fund my music habit.  It just so happens that my day job is lead developer for

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