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For booking and other concerns, contact
Stephen Smith
Phone: 715.491.5290

Record label: Llamamall Records/Independent


Teenage Girlfriend (Live)
Download Teenage Girlfriend (Live)
Divine Right to Deforestation
Download Divine Right to Deforestation
Call of Cthulhu
Download Call of Cthulhu
Teenage Girlfriend
Download Teenage Girlfriend
Free Falling (live cover)
Download Free Falling (live cover)
It's a Good Thing
Download It's a Good Thing

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Christmas 2014 Band The End Cafe Coco 2013 DDR Pad Resolute Fest 2018


Band Biography

Regdar and the Fighters plays catchy, up-tempo nerd punk. Their songs are fast, fun forays into fantastic frontiers; touching on titillating topics like time travel, pirates, and the economics of Dungeons and Dragons.
They may seem weird, but their #1 rule ("keep it catchy and energetic") ensures that they put on a memorable show that will entertain all attendees.

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