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This will be awkward

So here’s a fun topic! Male virginity, whoo! I’ve been seeing a lot more articles about this topic lately, which is - I think - a good thing. They’ve all usually got some ...

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Boomers vs. Millenials: Entitlement Showdown

There aren’t enough articles about how s/Millenials/kids these days/g or s/Boomers/old people/g are entitled and ruining everything, right? Better write another one!

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You've Probably Never Seen Them Live - Finished

It's finished, guys! The entire "You've Probably Never Seen Them Live" show from last summer is uploaded as downloadble mp3s from this site and as a YouTube playlist!

Our good buddy Cody was ...

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Greg's Getting Married! (Watch our YouTube Videos)

So... there wasn't an update to You've Probably Never Seen Them Live last week. That's because we wanted to save that update for this week.

One of my best friend's, Greg of ...

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