Adventures in Bubble Filters

Heads up. This post is worksafe, but it does acknowledge the existence of NSFW content in case you're paranoid about these kinds of things.

If you’re not familiar with your

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Dec 21 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 0 Comments

Bootlegs are great. I try to bootleg every show that I play, and I bootleg friends’ bands when I get the chance too. I’d definitely rather hear a decent bootleg over an edited-in-post, mostly-rerecorded live album.

One of the things that I ...

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I Declare War On War!

I think it’s time to complain about wars. Here are the wars that we should give up on.

1. The war on drugs. It clearly isn’t working. People are still doing drugs. Perhaps we should try treating people who have addiction problems instead of ...

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About a week left on the Kickstarter!

Nov 14 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Merch | 0 Comments

Hi folks! Thanks to everyone who's donated to the Kickstarter so far! We set the bar low, and we've hit it! In fact, we've doubled the goal. Nice!


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Good show(s), old chap!

Oct 30 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 0 Comments

We had a pretty busy weekend these past few days. First on Friday, we played at Geek Media Expo near Nashville. Due to an unfortunate combination of rain, cold, and the stage being outside and ...

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I call dibs on the patent!

OK. So I have a brilliant idea for an invention!

First, we're going to need cheap and efficient time travel. Don't worry! We'll only be going forward, so we don't need to worry about paradoxes or the fact that there's no real basis in physics ...

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This blog is probably bad for you

Bonus follow up to last-week’s jerkiness! As long as we’re talking about politics, what do Rush Limbaugh, Dan Savage, Jon Stewart, and most bloggers have in common? That’s right! Punditry!

Pundits are weird and, I suspect, one ...

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Swearing and s***

Sep 20 , 2012 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Misc | 0 Comments

I was gonna write a blog post about Amanda Palmer not paying musicians, but then she started paying aforementioned musicians. So now you get this instead...

As time has gone on, I’ve gotten a lot more relaxed about a lot of things. One such ...

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