How we'll get SOPA repealed in two easy steps!

Nov 21 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: Crackpot Theories to save the world

It may be naive of me, but I've never been too worried about the Stop Online Pree-speech Act (someone should really tell them they spelled it wrong.) Even assuming they find a way to enforce it (how long until the SOPA De-compliance plugin hits Firefox, do you think?), I still feel like even Congresspersons aren't so dumb that they completely misunderstand what their bill would do.

Anyway, let's assume the worst case, and this thing passes right through and bypasses the Presidential Veto (C'mon Obama! You're supposed to be tech savvy.) What will we do then?

Never fear! I've come up with a simple two step plan that ensures that the exact same morons who passed the thing will want to immediately repeal it!

Step 1: On the day SOPA is passed, find a list of every Congressperson who voted for it and start posting dubiously copyrighted content on their personal pages. Now, of course, I'm NOT encouraging you to do anything illegal. Post content that is fair-use but upsets copyright holders anyway. Got a Harry Potter fanfic that needs more readers? I bet they'll love it in the comments section of Representative T-Rex (R-Tex)'s blog! Have some image macros from your "Free Justin Beiber" campaign? They'll probably host them on the official campaign page of Senator Doesnotunderstand (D-NS*)'s forums. Disseminate all the crowd-sourced content!

Step 2: On the day SOPA goes into effect, react to all of this IP-infringing content! Are you a content owner? Report all this violating content on public figure's websites! Even if you don't own any IP worth noting, I'm sure they'll be glad that you're such an upstanding and civic-minded person to help enforce the laws of this great nation! Make sure you report it to everyone! Report to the Department of Justice to make sure these offending sites are taken down. Report it to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Google, and any other payment gateways and ad networks that might be passing money to these awful lawbreakers. If you're somehow involved in a payment gateway or an ad network, make sure you do your civic duty by immediately heeding all SOPA complaints against government websites. (Remember, there are no consequences for payment gateways over-enforcing!)

Finally, we'll all sit back and watch in amazement as a united Congress - amazing how threatening campaign donations will do that! - get the bill repealed almost instantly!

* Nova Scotia is close to the US? Look, no US states would make the joke work, OK!

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