On why I hate my phone

I'm thinking of upgrading from my Android. To Jitterbug. In general I hate phone user interfaces. They're always pretty awful. What whoever programs these things doesn't seem to understand is that every alert - especially audio alerts - is fundamentally an interruption.

I have a phone for my own convenience, not so that it can nag me.

I think phones actually need to borrow a page from your average MMO's playbook. Alerts should have cool-down times!

For example, I was recently on the phone with someone when another friend called. The phone chirped at me, interrupting my conversation: to alert me that there was a new call coming in, to alert me that I had missed a call, and to alert me for both of the follow-up text messages the friend sent. All said and done, I think it was 6 alerts.

One was plenty. With a cool-down system, the phone would chime once to let you know you had an incoming call. Then it wouldn't chime again for the duration of the call. If I wanted to answer the first interrupting call, I would. I don't need to be told anything else. I know I'm missing a call, and I'll check on it after I finish the current one.

There should also be a cool-down time for text messages. If someone sends me two texts in a row, I don't need to be alerted twice. If I have unread texts, wait at least 15 minutes before making noises for the next one.

It also should absolutely not make the incoming text noise when I'm looking at the screen. If the screen is on, I know when an alert comes in.

Long story short, technology: it's the worst.

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