On Punching Nazis - #IPunchedSpencer

Jan 24 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Tags: My Alienating Opinions

Thumbnail via Sarah Burris (near as I can figure)

I feel pretty ambivalent about Richard Spencer getting sucker-punched over this weekend. On the one hand, I don't know that I agree with sucker-punching anyone. On the other hand, if anyone deserves it, it would be an unrepentant racist like that, and who am I to argue with Puncher? It's too complicated of an issue for me to resolve in the space of a short blog post on my band website.

However, I do have so real action items that I think can be implemented in regards to the incident.

1. The guy who punched him should come forward. He wore a mask while he did it, so obviously, he was trying to hide his identity. However, it looks like he was trying to make a political statement: i.e. that Spencer is not deserving of the normal protections that society ostensibly affords the rest of us. If he wants to say such a brazen thing, he should sign his name to it. He broke the law to make a statement; he should be ready for the consequences.

2. Everyone who has vocally agreed with the act should "I am Spartacus" the guy. If you think that his action was justified and that his message that some people don't deserve safety in public, then you should be willing to sign your name to it. If you think the guy was right, you should be willing to share in the consequences.

So yeah, we probably need some kind of #IPunchedSpencer campaign going. Confess to a crime you (probably) didn't commit because you think it's right!

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