Crackpot Theories: Godwin's Law = MOAR NAZIS!

Godwin's Law is one of those universal rules of the Internet. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it states: "As the length of an argument on the Internet increases, the odds of someone being compared to Hitler or the Nazis approaches 1." There ...

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Other bands we enjoy: Prizzy Prizzy Please

Feb 18 , 2011 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 0 Comments

We played a show with Prizzy Prizzy Please last summer, and it was pretty brilliant! They put on a high-energy show with some really cool sonic textures.

Their prominent use of ...

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Yesterday's show at the Frequency

Feb 17 , 2011 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 1 Comment

We had a pretty sweet show at the Frequency in Madison yesterday.  Unfortunately, only about 20 people showed up who weren't in the other bands. We rocked pretty hard but there weren't a lot of faces there to be rocked. I guess everyone was two ...

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Other bands that we like - Map of the Woods

Feb 11 , 2011 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Other bands we enjoy | 0 Comments

Quite possibly one of our favorite bands (that isn't ourselves) is Map of the Woods. It's actually Fighter #2's other band, so this is probably pretty nepotastic of us to say this, but they're a ...

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Story time with Uncle Steve!

This one time I was asked to judge a battle of the bands. However, due to politics and interpersonal issues, I was eventually kicked off the panel. In fact they told me that they'd prefer I don't even show up at all.

But it was supposed to be a ...

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More Crackpot theories: Epistemological Anarchism

Note: The following does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Regdar or any of the other fighters. Just Steve

At the laundromat that I use, there are 4 types of dryers. Each of these takes only quarters, and in return for your ...

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Story time with Uncle Steve!

Once upon a time in the Baka dynasty of ancient China there reigned an emperor named Dallit. There was one thing that Emperor Dallit loved above all else, and that was tasty beverages. He was a conniseur of fine hot and cold beverages. He employed a ...

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Crackpot theories to save the world! Drinking and Driving

Dec 21 , 2010 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | 1 Comment

Note: The views expressed in this blog post are merely the views of the author and do not neccessarily reflect the views of Regdar or any of the other fighters.

Other note: Thanks to Dave for introducing me to the phrase "crackpot theories."

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Dec 9 , 2010 | Posted by: Fighter #1 | Show recap | 5 Comments

We played a really fun show yesterday at the Frequency in Madison. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and thanks to Rego, Map of the Woods and, Band at the Pub! (who might have actually been called A Bear Climbed a Mountain Once or something like ...

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Dear Iowa, Please don't kill me! Love, Steve

Let me preface this by saying that some consider me a bad driver, and, to be fair, I did get my license in San Antonio, where half of the population doesn't speak English well enough ...

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