I call dibs on the patent!

OK. So I have a brilliant idea for an invention!

First, we're going to need cheap and efficient time travel. Don't worry! We'll only be going forward, so we don't need to worry about paradoxes or the fact that there's no real basis in physics ...

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Obviously, I’m not making huge piles of money at this “music” thing. (What with the bit where almost no one is.) This means that I have to have a day job. As it stands, my day job is programming computers. In fact, that what I went for college ...

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More griping about vampires and books

So right now I’m reading The Vampire Lestat. Yes, I know that I’ve previously said I dislike that genre, but a friend insisted and loaned me the book... at gunpoint.....

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Happy 13337 Day!

Happy 13337 day, everyone!
Ok. I’m the better part of a day early, but I’ll be busy tomorrow.

“Fighter 1,” you ask, suddenly calling me by my canonical band nickname despite there being no precedent to do so, “what the ...

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Rant: EULAs (nerding with the nerds in the nerdery!)

You know what annoys me? End User License Agreements (EULAs sometimes also called Terms of Service). They’re these giant legal documents that corporate lawyers draw up as the agreement between them (the software creator) and you (the customer). ...
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