Making an A** Out of U and Me

I got into an argument about religion this week (a terrible habit, I know). As usually happens with these conversations, I find myself considering our philosophical assumptions. I like to think that any reasonable person, given the same set of axioms ...

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Ethnocentrism is Weird

Obligatory post-4th-of-July jingoism post!

Ok. Maybe not recall, but I am talking about ethnocentrism today. Specifically, I’m talking about ethnocentrism in music.

A lot of the music that I listen to caters to an American audience. ...

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Maybe Walker was Right (but for the wrong reasons)

Last week there was a recall election in Wisconsin. A lot of my friends from the area have been fighting to get to get Governor Walker recalled for the past year or so. One of the tipping points that made a lot of people really dislike him was that he ...

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Crackpot Cwikie: Christian Cosmos Colonies pt 2

The command to "be fruitful and multiply" inevitably requires us to expand beyond earth. This planet has a finite capacity to support humans, and there is no end-condition specified. Obedience to this command will eventually exceed what earth can ...

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Blatant trolling

Ok. Back to pretending I'm clever.

I had an epiphany!

An atheist friend once pointed me to (That is an awful domain name, bee-tee-dubs (double-parentheses pro-tip: avoid apostrophes in your domain names!)). The ...

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Nerd Rawk Speaks

Ok. Let’s see if we can offend and annoy everyone with this one! Autism! It’s a thing. A lot of people consider it a very unpleasant thing. I know very little about it. Good jumping-off point!

Being as autism is an often unpleasant thing (is ...

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Crackpot Christian Cosmos Colonies

I was thinking to myself, why aren’t we colonizing space yet? I mean, seriously! Is the idea of colonizing other planets not awesome enough for people or what? Then it occurred to me, the same people who have political clout and hate space programs ...

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Grading Scale of Pseudo-intellectual Cosmology

An interesting correlation I’ve noticed over the years is that people who like to think they’re smart also tend to like to think they’re incredulous. It doesn’t really matter what they’re incredulous about. Just the smarter they think they ...

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On Asteroids and Internets

Meta political retoric rant post go!
So here’s an interesting thing about political debates. Every time people start arguing about allocation of resources (health care, energy sources), philosophical sliding scales (freedom vs. safety, ...
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Crackpot Theories: Indoctrinating Kids is Kind of Weird

Morgan Spurlock (the guy from the movie Super Size Me) used to have this TV show called 30 Days. The premise was that each week, a participant had to live a life ...

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